Asmita Women’s Publishing House, Media & Resource Organization (ASMITA) is a non-governmental organization active in the field of gender equality and women empowerment. It was established in 1988 and legally registered in District Administration Office of Kathmandu and Social Welfare Council, which are the government authorities to register NGOs of the country. It was started by a nucleus of young enthusiastic women journalists. ASMITA is managed by an Executive Committee (EC) consisting of seven members. All of them are professional women having expertise in various fields. The EC provides directorship and policy guidelines to the institution and also contributes professionals in areas of their interest and expertise. During 1980’s, participation of Nepali women in the public sphere was very low including media sector. Media was also not giving immense importance to women rights issues. In this backdrop, ASMITA came into existence with the publication of Asmita magazine. Subsequently, ASMITA is continuing its activism for women empowerment and gender equality adopting various strategies along with contemporary time and context, in the last 25 years.

Vision: Creation of just, equitable & violence free society for dignified life of women

Mission: To promote women empowerment, gender equality, human rights & inclusive democracy


}  To advocate political, social, cultural and economic rights of women and their full enjoyment through feminist perspectives ;

}  To create awareness to eliminate gender based violence;

}  To influence the development of political, social, cultural, economic, constitutional & legal framework for promoting gender equality;

}  To create & educate gender–biases free media & media organization;

}  To develop women’s capacity & competency in related areas;


}  Advocacy & leadership

}  Public dialogue

}  Research, policy analysis & publication

}  Capacity building

}  Public relation & Networking

}  Institutional image promotion

}  Media mobilization

Priority Issues:

(Best agenda: women’s position in federal states from feminist perspective)

}  Constitution (Federalism, citizenship, inclusion etc. )

}  Media

}  Violence against women

}  Gender fair education

}  Sexuality

}  Women, resources & aid

}  Women & technology (hardware)

}  Gender concerns in technical sectors

Ongoing programs:

  1. Executing “Action Research and Documentation on Harmful Cultural Practice Chhaupadi(supported by The Asia Foundation)
  2. Book writing & publication on women, gender & development – (till Sept. 2013)
  3. Study on student & youth organizations and gender parity in politics- (till Dec. 2014)
  4. Public dialogue (verbally agreed, hope to be conducted soon)



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